Your digital ID card needs to have active certificates when you set up Smart-ID (i.e. it cannot already have expired) so if you are concerned about the time it might take to renew your digital ID card and you need uninterrupted access to banking and other digital services in the meantime, then you are strongly advised to activate Smart-ID straight away.

Here are a few digital services e-residents can undertake using Smart-ID:

For a full list of available services compatible with Smart-ID, please visit the Smart-ID website.

Please note that some service providers that also serve Estonian citizens and residents might refer to a similar service called Mobile-ID, but this is not currently available to e-residents.

Read more about Smart-ID at or download the app now below for your Android or iOS phone:

Please note that Smart-ID is a product provided by SK ID Solutions, which is an organisation independent from the Estonian Government. E-Residency has no responsibility if some government services are not available or do not work with Smart-ID. Please direct any support queries directly to Smart-ID in this instance.

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