Ready to change the world? Join the e-Residency team

E-Residency is a pioneering and inclusive initiative of the Government of Estonia with ambitious plans and a startup attitude. Our team helps a connected global community of over 80,000 e-residents create and run borderless businesses thanks to Estonia’s advanced digital infrastructure. If you’re passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and transforming business practices globally, you might be a perfect addition to our growing team.

Current vacancies in our team

Growth Marketing Manager (Tallinn or remote in Estonia)

Principal Business Analyst (Tallinn or remote)

Business Intelligence Analyst (Remote)

As a Growth Marketing Manager at e-Residency, you will be managing key marketing channels, including SEO and PPC/SEM, with the end goal of increasing the number of e-Residency applications among key persona groups in key geographic markets.
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As the Principal Business Analyst, you will be a key player in defining e-Residency’s strategy by geographical markets and business verticals. Your inputs into our strategy will be critical in helping to focus our marketing and business development efforts for maximum impact.
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As the BI Analyst at e-Residency, you will create impactful data visualizations to tell a story and also help other team members become proficient data storytellers. You'll help mainstream data-driven decision making throughout e-Residency business, be the single source of truth and last bastion for our KPIs and publicly available metrics, and be the team's contact person and development lead for stakeholders who provide or use our data. Please note, the role requires full proficiency in Estonian language.
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