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Coming in 2018: A desktop and mobile app for e-residents!

Estonia launched e-Residency as a secure digital identity that provides access to our e-services. That enables anyone to start and manage a trusted location-independent company entirely online, as well as access the tools needed to conduct business globally.

But what if e-Residency didn’t just provide access to e-services? What if e-Residency also provided access to a valuable e-community home to like-minded global entrepreneurs?

E-Residency is launching a community network through a desktop and mobile app in 2018. It aims to help e-residents connect with each other, learn how to use the programme and grow their companies globally.

E-residents and service providers will be at the heart of its development, both before and after launch, by feeding back on proposals and telling us which features they need most to grow their companies. You can help us build the future of e-Residency and be the first to use the platform by signing up now as an e-community tester. You can also be the first to hear our news by subscribing to the e-Residency newsletter.

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