Setting up your e-Residency digital ID

Just received your e-Residency digital ID or need to use it in another computer? Follow these steps to get started.

First steps

Practical tips

  • Changing PIN Codes

    It is very important to always keep your PIN codes safe as it is not possible to use your card without these codes. If you wish, you can change the PIN codes to be more easy to remember, for this follow the instructions here.

  • Authenticating Online

    With the e-Residency digi-ID you will now be able to enter different e-services. If you need any assistance, please find instructions here.

  • Signing Documents

    You can digitally sign documents using your e-Residency digi-ID. Find instructions here.

  • Setting up Email Address

    Each e-resident also receives an address that is meant to serve as an official channel of communication between the state and the person. State agencies may send official notices and useful information there.
    Detailed instructions for setting up your email are available here.

Find more information here.