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Ways to Submit Your Application

The simplest way to apply for e-Residency is to submit the online application form available on our website (direct link: ). The application requires that you provide a Passport-style photo. The photo must be at least 600×800 pixels in size and must be in JPEG format. You can find more information about the photo requirements on the application. We recommend that you take a look at the requirements before taking a photo. You can take the photo at home using a digital camera.

You also need a copy/photo of your travel document. When you go to pick up your e-Residency card, you must bring the same travel document that you used for the application. If the document you used on the application expires before picking up your e-Residency card, you must bring a renewed, valid copy of your travel document and the document used for application if possible.

Now that you have your two photos, you are ready to fill out the application. To complete your application, you will need pay the state Fee. The payment system supports payment via credit card (Visa and Mastercard). The state fee is €100 plus a €1.99 service fee for the payment provider.

If you don’t have a Visa or a Mastercard.

The payment of the state fee can also be done on your behalf by someone else. If this is also not an option, you can submit the application by email directly to the issuing authority, Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. Then you can pay the state fee by a bank transfer. Contacts, application form and additional information is available here: and credentials and information on how to pay the state fee is available here:

Important information about the length of personal names

Digital ID cards have two lines for the first name (15 + 15 characters) and one line for surname (28 characters). Please note that according to the Estonian Identity Documents Act § 91, section (2) if your first name is longer than 15 + 15 characters and your surname longer than 28 characters, the letters at the end of the name which cannot be supplied in the corresponding data fields shall not be written. The fields in the system do not allow for more characters.


Example of a first name: FABRICE STÉPHANE PATRICE shall be written as FABRICE STÉPHANE PATRIC.

If you have not filled out either field then the name missing will be replaced by “-“.

Please take this into consideration. Later complaints will not be admitted and the state fee will not be returned based on such complaints.

The processing of your application is electronic

The processing of applications is electronic. If the official proceeding your application needs to clarify details or pass on important information, they will contact you via e-mail.

Please make sure that the e-mail address you provide in the application form is valid. Please check your e-mails regularly not to miss deadlines given by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board official.

Please note that the e-mails might go to your junk mail so it is advisable to check your junk mail during the application process as well.

Requirements for identification documents

The identification documents accepted by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board are passport and European Union identity card. Other documents are not accepted when applying for the e-resident’s digital ID.

The copy of your identity document must be in colour. Black and white copies are not accepted.

If you upload a copy of your ID card (EU citizens only), please make sure to upload copies of both sides of the document (the front and the back).

What If I Don’t Have a Date of Expiry on My Document?

The application will require you to provide a date of issue and a date of expiry for your document. If you can’t provide these, please choose another identification document that displays this information. If you are inside the EU, you can use an ID card, but you will need a valid travel document (Passport) if you are outside of the EU.

Can I Also Submit a Copy of Some Other Document Instead of a Passport?

If you are not an EU resident, you will need a copy of your travel document (passport).

If you are an EU resident, you may also submit a copy of your ID card in lieu of your passport.

Do I Need To Apply For a New e-Residency digi-ID When My Passport Expires?

No. Your e-Residency digi-ID is valid for 3 years and is not dependent on the validity of your national identification document. Your identification document needs to be valid when submitting the application and when picking up the e-Residency digi-ID.

How Can I Get a New e-Residency digi-ID If I Change My Name?

If your name changes, you will need to apply for a new e-Residnecy digi-ID. This will require you to pay the state fee again. If you know that your name will be changing in the near future we would advise to wait and apply once you have received a new identification document which displays your new name.

My Country Is Not Listed As a Pickup Location

For security reasons we are only able to issue e-Residency digi-ID-s from official embassies listed on the application. For your pickup location you can choose from the list that is closest to you or most convenient to travel to.

Please note that planning to pickup your e-Residency digi-ID from another country does not provide you with the legal right to enter that country. Before submitting your application and choosing your pickup location, make sure that you have the ability to enter that country.

Available pickup locations

You can find here, which pickup location is closest or most convenient for you to travel to. You will need to pick up your e-Residency card in person within 6 months once it has arrived to the pickup location.

View all available pickup locations on a map











Czech Republic

































Russian Federation









Timeframe and Status of Your Application

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will review your application within 30 days of commencing proceedings of your application. It is possible for them to extend the review period if the Police would like to request more information. In that case you will receive an email from the issuing officer asking for additional information or documents. You will receive an email from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board once a decision has been made.

After you have been granted e-Residency, the document is printed and sent to the pickup location you requested on your application. This process typically takes about 2-5 weeks. You will receive another email when your document has reached the pickup location that you requested. It will be sent from the embassy of your choice if you selected an embassy abroad or from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board if you have chosen to pick up your ID in Estonia.

In general, the entire process from submitting your application to physically receiving your e-Residency card should take no longer than 1,5 – 2 months.

We currently do not have an option to track the process of the application online. If you have any concerns though regarding your application, you can get information by contacting according to the following paragraphs:

If you have submitted the application but have not received any follow-up information or if you have questions regarding your application, please contact the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board on . When contacting the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, please provide them with your full name and date of birth. They will be able to check the progress of your application and advise you accordingly.

When you received notification that you have been granted e-Residency, but have not heard anything regarding the pickup within 2-5 weeks, you can contact your chosen pickup location. If it was one of the service offices in Estonia, please contact If it was an Estonian embassy, you can find the contact information for each embassy here:

How Can I Change The Information Associated With My Application?

Contact the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board on and they will forward your request to the issuing officer.

How Can I Cancel My Application?

In order to cancel your application, please contact the issuing authority on as soon as possible. They will be able to cancel your application should you provide them with your full name and date of birth. If you cancel before a proceedings have commenced on your application, you can request a refund for the state fee. To request a refund, you will need to fill in an application and send it to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. You can find the application form and contact information here:

Picking Up Your Document

You will need to pick up the document personally, as your fingerprints are required to pickup your document.

There are no alternatives to physically picking up the document yourself (It cannot be sent in the mail or picked up by someone else on your behalf). You will have 6 months to collect your document once it has been received at the pickup location. We hope that you will have plenty of time to collect your document.

E-Residency is in beta-mode, meaning we are constantly working on improving the programme, including making it easier and faster to pick up your document.

Can I Later Change the Pickup Location?

Yes, you can. However additional time will apply for delivering your document to the new location. If you wish to change the pickup location from a service point in Estonia to an Estonian embassy, forward your application details (your full name and date of birth) and new location request to They are the issuing authority and will be able to direct your card.

In order to change the pickup location from an embassy to another embassy, contact the Estonian embassy you chose as your pick-up location (contacts are available here: and the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board by email with your details and with the request to change the pickup location. On the request the new location must be indicated.

Please note that in this case the state fee has to be paid to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the change of issue place in amount of 50 euros.

Full instructions are available here:

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