5. Apply For a Business Banking Account For Your Company

You currently have three options:

  1. Apply for a traditional Estonian bank account. This will require a physical visit to Estonia, and we strongly recommend using a business service provider to help you through the process. Banks have established their own criteria for evaluating clients they would like to work with. E-residents have had best experiences with LHV and Swedbank thus far. A list of the banks and their contact information is available here https://e-resident.gov.ee/run-a-company/
  2. Apply for a business account provided by a Fintech company. One of such companies with who e-Residnecy is already partnered with is Holvi, a Finnish Fintech company working with Estonian service providers to offer their services tailored to e-residents. A Fintech account is an alternative to a traditional bank account that offers a business account with an access to online payment service providers. Information about Holvi for e-Residents is available here: https://about.holvi.com/e-residents/
  3. Apply for a foreign business bank account for your Estonian company.

You can also set up a foreign business account for your company; it does not necessarily have to be an Estonian bank account.


You are now ready to start operating.

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