Do All Participants in The Company Need to be e-Residents?

Your company can be electronically registered in the Business Register only if all persons related to the company (Board Members, founders, Council Members, etc.) have an Estonian, Latvian, Belgian, or Finnish ID card, Estonian or Lithuanian mobile ID, or Estonian e-Residency card.


Registering the Company Without e-Residency digi-ID

Your company can also be registered using the services of a notary. In that case, you will not be able to do so online. Process for this is described here: https://www.eesti.ee/en/entrepreneur/establishing-a-company/establishing-a-private-limited-company-oue/#chapter-1 Contact information for the notaries is available here: https://www.notar.ee/?set_lang_id=2


VAT number

If the taxable annual turnover of your company exceeds € 40 000, you are required to register the company with the Tax and Customs Board as a VAT payer. If your turnover is below that limit, registration is not obligatory. If you wish, however, you can still register. You can register as a VAT payer here: https://www.emta.ee/eng


Registering a Branch of a Foreign Company

Registering a branch of a foreign company initially requires a notary, but can then be managed entirely online after registration. As the owner of a new EU branch, you will have access to revolutionary e-services like identity verification, digital signing, and online tax declaration.


Access to Payment Service Providers

You are able to apply for accounts with different payment service providers like PayPal, Paymill, Braintree, EveryPay, and more after you have registered your company and gained access to online banking using either a traditional Estonian bank or a Fintech company.

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