How should the badge be displayed?

You can use the Trusted e-Residency Company badge with either a blue, black, grey or transparent background so that you can choose the one that best fits your own website background and colour scheme.

You are welcome to use the badge in conjunction with your own company logo. If so, ensure both logos have clear space between them and your own logo is the same height as either the text (if using the transparent badge) or the rectangular box around it (if using a solid colour badge). It should look like this:

When displaying the badge, always do this:

  • Display the badge where it is clearly visible and well contrasted against your own background.
  • Leave clear space around the badge.
  • Scale the logo proportionately when needed.
  • Ensure the badge is clickable to this link:

But don’t do this:

  • Modify, distort or use a low resolution version of the logo.

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