Talking about e-Residency

In addition to using the badge, your company is welcome to provide more information about e-Residency and how it supports your business. This could include material on your website, media content, or when speaking at events or meetings offline.

You are welcome to contact the e-Residency programme at should you need any guidance, support or further materials.

When talking about e-Residency, always do this:

  • Emphasise that e-Residency provides access to a borderless digital nation, powered by the Republic of Estonia.
  • Write ‘e-Residency’ or ‘e-residents’. Also, use a capital E for both of these words when they are written at the start of a sentence.
  • If useful, provide a link to

But don’t do this:

  • State or imply that your company is partnering or working with e-Residency (or the Estonian government), unless agreed in writing with the e-Residency programme.

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