e-Residency digi-ID Fees

The €100 e-Residency application fee is a State fee. After paying the State fee, you will not receive any invoices for your payment besides the receipt from the payment provider Nets Estonia. A state fee is a sum payable to the Republic of Estonia in an amount established by the State Fees Act a specific governmental service, like the processing of your e-Residency application.

The state fee of €100 covers the processing of your application according to the State Fees Act § 272 (8). The full text of Act § 272 (8) is available online at https://www.riigiteataja.ee/en/eli/ee/510112015003/consolide/current

If you would like to request another receipt or have questions regarding your payment, please contact the payment provider at ecom_help@estcard.ee

There are no annual or maintenance fees for the e-Residency digi-ID.

Company Registration and Management Fees

In order to register a company in Estonia, you will need a legal business address. We highly recommend using a Virtual Office Service provider, who can help you with obtaining a legal address for your business. The fees for Virtual office/ legal address start from €15 per month.

The State fee for registering your company online is €190.

Many e-Residents prefer using service providers to help them register and set up their business. Service fees vary depending on the service package you wish to take. Please refer to the service providers’ websites to compare their offerings.

About 90% of e-Residents use at least one of our many service providers and spend on average €60-200 per month. They find that it is often more economical to use service providers here than those available in their home countries.

Banking Fees

Opening a traditional business bank account with LHV or Swedbank can cost up to 200 euros. Please refer to the corresponding websites for the most recent pricelists. (LHV https://www.lhv.ee/en/business-client, Swedbank https://www.swedbank.ee/business/useful/important/pricesrates#pricesrTitle1)

Opening a Holvi business account is free, but they have a monthly fee of €35 for an e-Resident account. Holvi caters to business growth by allowing you to upgrade your account when your business takes off. More detailed information on the pricing is available on Holvi’s website https://about.holvi.com/e-residents/

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