Important notice – coronavirus

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we will be keeping this page up to date with all relevant e-Residency news and information.

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  • When can I pick up my e-Residency card?

If you have a cough or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please stay home. Otherwise, make sure to contact the pickup location prior to your visit, to check if it is open. You can find the contact details of all the pickup locations here: Please keep in mind that if you are unable to collect the e-Residency kit from the pickup location specified in your application within the usual 6 month period, contact the pickup location to ask for an extension of this period.

  • What if my e-Residency card is expiring soon and I cannot pick up the new one?

For those e-residents whose digital identity card is expiring soon, we recommend downloading and using Smart-ID in case of disruptions or delays to picking up your new card. Smart-ID does not depend upon the expiration date of your card. You will, therefore, be able to continue using Estonian e-services with the help of Smart-ID at least until the situation becomes safe enough to pick up your new card. This way you can continue to manage your business even if you can’t pick up your card for now.
This will only work for e-residents with a valid card, not one that is already expired. It will also not work if you have lost your PIN codes. In these circumstances, you will still need to go through the regular process.
Please note that Smart-ID is a product provided by SK ID Solutions, which is an organisation independent from the Estonian Government. E-Residency has no responsibility if some government services are not available or do not work with Smart-ID. Please direct any support queries directly to Smart-ID in this instance.

  • I cannot collect my e-Residency kit within the 6 month period due to Coronavirus

If you are unable to collect the e-Residency kit from the Estonian Embassy or other pickup location specified in your application within the usual 6 month period, please directly contact the Embassy or pickup location to make a request to extend this period. The extension will not be done automatically. The contact information for all pickup locations can be found here: For more info from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please write to

  • I want to change my pickup location due to Coronavirus

In case you want to change your chosen pickup location, please directly contact the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at for further instructions.

  • Can you send my e-Residency kit by mail?

No. You will need to physically collect your document from one of the available pickup locations. Part of the collection process is the identification of the user of the document. Your document is given to you with PIN codes and you should never give your e-Residency card or PIN codes to third parties.