Service Providers

Choose from a growing selection of service providers that can Offer business solutions tailored to your needs as an e-resident.


Find e-services that help manage your company more effectively.

Smart-ID is the easiest, fastestand safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account and access e-services.

The Company Registration Portal is an Internet environment that allows entrepreneurs to submit electronic applications, documents and annual reports to the Commercial Register. Applications can only be signed using your Digital ID card.

SignWise Portal provides cloud-based document signing, electronic signature requesting and signature verification service for eResidency owners.

Dokobit provides the ability to sign and store documents and collect signatures from your business partners across the EU faster and more convenient — online. Everything you need to run your company paperless using e-residency card.

e-Financials is a simple governmental web-based accounting software that assists companies to manage their book-keeping themselves.

A one-stop-shop for the hundreds of e-services offered by Estonia government institutions.

Advisors main purpose is to support foreigners settling in Estonia and to be a partner to employers, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and to others who invite foreigners to Estonia. You can invite advisors to participate in seminars or trainings. Advisors work in in Estonian, English and Russian. Service is free of charge.