Start a company

E-residents can establish and manage an EU based company 100% online. This is the best way to run a trusted location-independent business with minimal cost and hassle-free administration.

Benefits of starting a company


Operate inside the EU

  • Access EU based business banking and international payment providers
  • Take full advantage of the EU Single Market and legal framework
  • Estonia’s membership of the EU, NATO, OECD and the eurozone provides trust and stability


Work anywhere

  • Each e-resident is the full owner of their company without the need to pay a third party representative or hire a local director
  • Digital signing among multiple co-founders makes business management and investments easy
  • All contracts can be signed digitally, avoiding the need for paper and travel


Minimise costs and avoid hassle

  • Digital incorporation through trusted e-Residency service providers is low-cost, fast and convenient
  • Bureaucracy and paper based administration are eliminated, giving you more time to grow your business
  • Estonia has the most competitive tax environment among the OECD, empowering rapid growth

Watch how to start a company video

A trusted business environment

E-Residency offers an open and transparent EU business environment for global entrepreneurs. This trust can improve the ease of doing business with customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as provide greater access to the financial tools required to grow a company.

All e-residents receive background checks from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board before they are handed their secure government-issued digital identity. Key data about their companies established in Estonia is then publically available in official records, such as taxation and the identity of owners.
As a result, companies established by e-residents in Estonia are allowed to display the Trusted e-Residency Company logo.

How to download and use the Trusted e-Residency Company logo

How to establish a company

After receiving your digital ID card, you can immediately start the process of establishing your company – online!

  • Become an e-resident
  • Obtain a legal address
  • Register your company
  • Pay the state fee and receive confirmation

Use our trusted service providers for faster solutions

Most e-residents choose to work with a business service provider to help facilitate the process of starting a business. These business service providers can help you obtain a legal address, navigate the business registry, offer assistance with obtaining a bank account, and provide other services.

  • Become an e-resident

    • Apply for the e-residency
    • Submit your application and pay €100 state fee
    • Pick up your digital ID card
  • Obtain a legal address

    • Your company needs to have an Estonian address and if the management board of a company is located in a foreign state, a contact person. Please contact a business service provider to obtain a legal address and a contact person service
  • Register your company

    • Visit the Company Registration Portal online to check your chosen business name is available and then register it
    • Digitally sign and submit legal documents
  • Pay state fee and receive confirmation

    • You can pay the state fee and share capital through the state portal when you submit your application, or choose to defer the share capital payment
    • Your submitted application will be reviewed within one working day and any notifications will be sent by email
  • Pick up your smart ID card in person from your chosen pick up location

    • Bring the same identification document you entered in the online application form
    • Present your biometrics (fingerprints) to the consular or police official
    • Pick up the e-Resident starter kit, including smart ID card and card reader


Estonia – a modest country that punches above its weight


1.3 million


45,339 km2



member of


ICT sector

7% of GDP

Our highest rankings

  • #1
    OECD tax competitiveness
  • #1
    WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Entrepreneurship
  • #9
    FREEDOM HOUSE Index of Economic Freedom
  • #16
    WORLD BANK Ease of doing business
  • #1
    EUROPEAN COMMISSION EU Digital Economy and Society Index
  • #2
    FREEDOM HOUSE Internet Freedom
  • #12
    In Global Ease of Doing Business ranking

Estonia has more start-ups per capita than any other country in Europe



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of citizens have ID-cards

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of banking transactions are done electronically

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of people declared their income electronically

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of population is using the internet daily