It was a surprisingly simple idea but technically complex to implement. During the Global Hack, Alagan and his team did an enormous amount of work. They built a platform that included VoIP, payment, and appointment services. Normally this would take a month but given his team’s knowledge and experience, they managed it in just 48 hours.

The Global Hack jury agreed. They unanimously voted Team Serw as the winner of the work track, citing the unbelievable amount of work that had gone into the prototype and the usefulness of Serw for use during the lockdown and beyond.

“Witnessing my team push ourselves to the limit and solve some of the world’s biggest problems makes me realise the impact we are making and how much we are all growing every day.”

Owing to Alagan’s humility and community spirit, what came next was the second fatefully fortunate email. He sent a message to e-Residency support thanking our team for sending the first email, without which he says his team would not have entered the competition at all, let alone win it!

E-Residency was a global partner and sponsor of the Global Hack so to hear about a member of the community participating as a result of our call to action and being so successful truly impressed and excited our team!

A few more fortunate emails and introductions later between our support team, Alagan, and me, and I was listening to his incredible story over Zoom with a mixture of amazement and pride — this is the kind of story that truly demonstrates the value of e-Residency and the brilliant, innovative, and collaborative spirit of our community.

Serving the greater good with

Right now, the Rootcode team are currently finalising the backend work needed to launch Serw, onboarding “serw experts” from Sri Lanka, US, Middle East, and Europe, and quality-testing it with the help of these experts. They have already onboarded specialist personal trainers and nutritionists from a few established Sri Lankan organisations as well as independent experts from Europe.

Serw beta version will launch by the end of April 2020 and open for customers to test the functionality. In the coming months, they’ll look at adding new features including document upload for legal experts, group consultations, and more.

We encourage all in our community to check out Serw and register as an expert in your field. Or you can view the growing community of service providers in a variety of fields and connect one-to-one for expert consultations:

Alagan is clear that he wants to build Serw in Estonia, headquarter it here, and employ local staff. He’ll be coming to Tallinn to make this happen as soon as the lockdown loosens. He is bootstrapping Serw and is therefore actively looking for investors to support this project and expand around the world.

A relatively new e-resident, Alagan is excited to discover all the benefits of e-Residency. He says that without Estonia and e-Residency, Rootcode and Serw would not have come so far, and so he is looking forward to getting more involved in the community.

“e-Residency has already made a big impact for many businesses worldwide and made Estonia a front runner in global innovation. I believe that it will be a factor in determining where the next set of world changing technologies are built.”

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